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Maxwell Mouse has been captured by Evil scientist Dr Henric Noodlestrom and placed it in his laboratory maze as part of one of his experiments. There's 2 minutes before the doctor returns to the lab and it's your chance help Maxwell escape. But there's just one problem, the maze is full of cheeses. Maxwell would love to escape, but he also love's cheese.

Guide Maxwell to collect as many cheeses as possible and exit the maze before Dr Noodlestrom returns. Will you be able to help Maxwell find he's way back out of the maze in time? The more cheeses he collects the slower he becomes, so don't get too greedy or he'll get trapped in the maze.

If Maxwell exits the maze before the time runs out, the cheeses he collects will be turned into coins, which can be used to unlock additional mazes and release Maxwell's other animal friends.

The single player game is great fun, but the excitement really builds when you play against friends and family. Race them around the maze, grabbing the cheeses before they do. Only the player who collects the most, will be able to escape with the cheese.

Remember the path you take through the maze, or you won't be able to get back to the start in time.

Maxwell Mouse

Maxwell has been placed in the lab maze by the Evil Dr. Henric Noodlestrom. He would really love to escape, but he also really loves cheese and there's so many cheeses in the maze to collect.

Dr Henric Noodlestrom

Evil Scientist, who loves to perform experiments on mice. His favorite is to place lots of cheeses into his laboratory maze, then place 2 mice into the maze and see which one will collect the most cheeses.

Cheese Melter

The Cheese Melter

Miniature furnace used to convert cheeses collected during the game into gold coins that can be used to unlock additional mazes and animals.

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