Misfits – Picture Consequences


Misfits is the hilarious game of Picture Consequences. Based upon the paper and pencil game where players combine to draw a person in 3 separate sections.

The first player draws the head, the second draws the body and the third draws the legs. None of the players get to see what the others have drawn, until the final Misfit is revealed.

A dashed line at the bottom of the screen indicates the portion of the drawing that the next player will see. You therefore need to make sure your picture goes just over the line, so the next player has somewhere to start from.

When all 3 players has completed their turn, a copy of the completed image is sent to each device.

The more wacky the individual pictures, the funnier the final Misfit will look.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Play with friends via Game Center, or use auto-match to draw with other random players.

Draw your section of the image at a time that suits you.

Start drawing new Misfits while you’re waiting for other players to draw their sections.

Receive push notification when it’s your turn to draw

Enjoyment for people of all drawing ability.

Select from 72 colors with the available color packs.

Completed Misfits can be shared with friends via facebook, twitter and email. You can also submit the finished image to the Hall of Fame and if it’s good, we’ll feature it on the Misfits web site.

Download Misfits now via iTunes.