Laser Dodge Ball


Simple, but addictive gameplay. Move the ball around the screen to avoid it being hit by the lasers.

You start with a red ball, which because of it’s size is fairly difficult to avoid being hit by the lasers for long. As your score builds up you’ll unlock other colour balls, each one being an extra 10% smaller than the previous colour, but costing 10x more to unlock.

By colliding with the ball, you’ll receive the relevant amount of currency to unlock it from the ball selection screen.

With the other balls becoming progressively smaller, it makes it easier to avoid the lasers and therefore survive longer in the game.

Balls get progressively smaller in the following sequence:
Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Turquoise, Purple, Silver & Gold.

When testing the game, we were unable to progress past the Purple Ball. Will you be able to beat us and unlock the Gold Ball?

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