Clash of Clams


A great unrest has descended upon the oceans. Sea creatures that once lived together in harmony now find themselves clashing as they vie for supremacy beneath the waves.

Obnoxious Octopus, Spiteful Starfish, Jittery Jellyfish, Savage Seahorse and Cantankerous Crabs have attacked the Clam Clan and now only 3 Clams remain.

Help them repel wave after wave of attack from evil sea creatures in an epic battle of survival. Avoid the advancing hordes and fire pearls to destroy them as they close in for their attack.

Gameplay can best be described as asteroids underwater. You control 1 of 3 clams in this 360° battle. Rotate your clam and fire pearls to destroy the advancing sea creatures. Some take more than 1 hit to destroy and watch out for those Cantankerous Crabs, as the pearls are unable to penetrate their shells, so they just keep on coming.

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