Blow The Safe

Blow The Safe

How good is your general knowledge?

Starting with 1 million points, split between 10 gold bars, can you survive 10 explosive rounds of trivia quiz questions, without losing your million?

Each round of the quiz there are 4 possible answers, represented by 4 identical looking safes. 3 of the safe’s contain explosive charges, set to go off when you tap the detonator.

You have 30 seconds to place the gold bars into the safe you think corresponds to the correct answer. If you’re unsure which is correct, you can split the bars between 2 or 3 of the safes, but you must leave at least one safe clear.

Once you’ve placed all the gold bars in a safe, tap the detonator and watch the safes explode. Only the safe representing the correct answer will survive.

The more gold bars placed in the safe that doesn’t explode, the more points you’ll carry through to the next round. Each round your remaining points are split between 10 more gold bars.

With 500 questions, chosen at random, how many points will you still have at the end of 10 explosive rounds?

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