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Ball Blocks

When you’re a ball in a world of blocks, it’s fair to say your chances of survival are not high. The best way to stay alive is to keep rolling. In this fast paced game, jump to avoid blocks and don’t get crushed as new blocks fall into position. How far can you go? Click […]

Halloween Wipeout

Halloween comes just once a year, but will you manage to survive the night. In this madcap adventure that will test your brain as well as your reflexes, have you got what it takes to make it to the haunted castle? Click Here to download Halloween Wipeout from iTunes

Double Yellow Lines

Drag your finger up and down, left and right across the screen to move the ball. But make sure you keep between the Double Yellow Lines. You can place your finger anywhere on the screen and swipe in any direction to make the ball move. If you hit one or other of the yellow lines, […]

Guess What Picture? Animals and Birds

Tap the square tiles to reveal the picture and guess the animal or bird. The less tiles you remove the more coins you’ll receive. 150 stunning pictures of animals and birds for you to identify. Click Here to download Guess What Picture? Animals and Birds from iTunes

A Knight’s Quest

Join the Brave Knights of the round table in their quest to battle the Dark Knight, defeat the Ogre and slay the Dragon. Oh and watch out for skeletons along the way? Know Your Knights: Sir Galahad – Although brave, Sir Galahad knows his limitations. He is more than a match for the Dark Knight, […]

Alley Skateboard Jump

Grab your board and head for the Alley in this Street Skateboarding Jump adventure. Leap over garbage, fire hydrants, A-boards and other objects. Use ramps, rails, benches, parked cars and buses, as platforms to give you extra air to clear larger objects and collect coins. Unlock additional characters that have extra lives to help you […]

Jetski Jump

On holiday, enjoying a pleasant jetski ride, suddenly disaster strikes. The throttle of the jetski gets stuck on and the steering gets jammed. As the jet ski hurtles out of control, your only hope of avoiding items floating in the sea is to bounce the jet ski to jump over them. Use the rocks and […]

Laser Dodge Ball

Simple, but addictive gameplay. Move the ball around the screen to avoid it being hit by the lasers. You start with a red ball, which because of it’s size is fairly difficult to avoid being hit by the lasers for long. As your score builds up you’ll unlock other colour balls, each one being an […]

Clash of Clams

A great unrest has descended upon the oceans. Sea creatures that once lived together in harmony now find themselves clashing as they vie for supremacy beneath the waves. Obnoxious Octopus, Spiteful Starfish, Jittery Jellyfish, Savage Seahorse and Cantankerous Crabs have attacked the Clam Clan and now only 3 Clams remain. Help them repel wave after […]

Train Surfing

Help Dirk, Lindsey and Miguel surf the train and collect the valuable gems. Leap from wagon to wagon gathering gems as you go. You’ll be surprised by what else you’ll find on top of the train, so watch out for other objects that you’ll need to jump over. Hit them and you’ll fall from the […]

Misfits – Picture Consequences

Misfits is the hilarious game of Picture Consequences. Based upon the paper and pencil game where players combine to draw a person in 3 separate sections. The first player draws the head, the second draws the body and the third draws the legs. None of the players get to see what the others have drawn, […]


Diceathlon is the Decathlon for Dice. If you like other dice games like Yahtzee™ and Dice With Buddies, you’re going to love this game. With the 2012 Olympics just around the corner, get in training now. Play either on your own, with a friend, or with opponents from around the world, taking in turns to […]

Blow The Safe

How good is your general knowledge? Starting with 1 million points, split between 10 gold bars, can you survive 10 explosive rounds of trivia quiz questions, without losing your million? Each round of the quiz there are 4 possible answers, represented by 4 identical looking safes. 3 of the safe’s contain explosive charges, set to […]

Go Cheese

Go Cheese is a 3D, 2 player game, where you race your opponent around a maze, to see who can collect the most cheeses and get back to the exit before the timer runs out. This thrilling game uses gamecenter to connect with friends and family. You start off by controlling a mouse called Maxwell […]