A Knight’s Quest


Join the Brave Knights of the round table in their quest to battle the Dark Knight, defeat the Ogre and slay the Dragon. Oh and watch out for skeletons along the way?

Know Your Knights:

Sir Galahad – Although brave, Sir Galahad knows his limitations. He is more than a match for the Dark Knight, but finds Ogres a bit of a handful and realises he’s better off avoiding dragons. Weapon of choice is the sword.

Sir Bedevere – A bit stronger than Sir Galahad and willing to take on the Ogres, but still found wanting when it comes to fighting Dragons. Weapon of choice is the axe.

Sir Percival – Has killed 1 or 2 dragons in the past and has a fair chance of killing more. However be aware that sometimes discretion is the better part of valor. Weapon of choice is the mace.

Sir Lancelot – Bravest of all the knights. Has lost count of the number of dragons he has slain. Weapon of choice is the sword.

Select your path carefully, pick your battles wisely and Good luck in your Quest Brave Knight.

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